Elisa Poquette

product manager & UsER EXPERIENCE ARCHITECT 



Building new Teams &

New products 

Right people, Right place, Right Time

Good software can only be built with deep collaboration between business stakeholders and technologists. Whether I am playing the role of a product manager, user experience architect or project manager, I see my role on the team as making sure the right people are talking to each other.

Right information, right place, right time

Having working in several healthcare technology startups, I've learned the value validating assumptions early and often. We don't always have access to the right information when we need it. But good process can help you systematically identify your unknowns, and collect the data to make decisions. Good teams learn how to collectively solve the same problem from different angles. 

Right content, right place, right time

I sought a career in tech after being in the Peace Corps because I wanted to create scaleable solutions to social problems. Like any tool, technology can be used for good or for evil. It's only by understanding how people think can we truly create value and ensure our tools work for us. Thoughtful design tailors technology to people. 






Product Strategy
Information Architecture
Customer Experience
User Research & Market Research
Emerging Technology
Process Design
Team Building



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